Research Facilities

Every advance teaching & research Institution keep and maintain research facilities, not only for undergraduate experiments but also to meet the demand for research activities at the M.Phil./Ph.D. level.

In the Department of Pharmacy, Four research groups are actively engaged in research activities:


  •          Pharmaceutics,
  •         Basic Medical Sciences,
  •        Pharmaceutical Chemistry,
  •      Pharmacognosy


The Department of Pharmacy was established in 1982, then housed at the Centre of Excellence in Physical Chemistry and initiated four years B-Pharmacy program. Currently, the department offers five years of Pharm-D program. Additionally, the Department started postgraduate training program in the field of pharmaceutical sciences in the year 1999-2000 to award M.Phil/Ph.D. degrees. Pharmacy is concerned with the art and science of preparing medicines from natural and synthetic sources, suitable and convenient for use in the treatment and prevention of diseases. It is the knowledge of identification, selection, isolation, combination, analysis, standardization, pharmacological actions, prevention and safe uses of drugs and medicines, therefore the Department is producing legally qualified and professionally competent pharmacists required for hospitals, pharmaceutical industries, research organizations, Teaching Institutions, Community Pharmacies retail Pharmacies, and Quality Control laboratories. Their services are essential in all the health services organizations.