Dr. Fazal Subhan



Contact Information

Academic Career

Phd(Neuropharmacolog) CardiffUniversity, U.K

M.Pharm (University of Punjab)

B.Pharm (Gomal University D.I.Khan)

Research Interests

Mechanism of drug action group: Research activities in this group are focused on testing compounds from both synthetic and natural origin for its utility in pain, inflammation, pyrexia depression, anxiety, dependence, tolerance , and vomiting.

Research is in progress in the area of diabetic neuropathy where the pathological condition is induced in rat model with streptozotocin. The pain models of allodynia and vulvodynia associated with diabetes are developed and the compounds of interest are tested for effectiveness in these pain conditions with the help of von Frey hairs. Research is also in progress both at the preclinical and clinical levels for testing newly developed antipsychotic formulations in comparison to conventional formulations for its safety and therapeutic efficacy. Beside, the group is working on natural products against chemotherapeutic drugs induced vomiting and opioid withdrawal syndrome.

Biochemical and neurotransmitters studies are conducted for correlating behavioral findings and elucidation of mechanism of action of compounds of interest.

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