Drug Information and Poison Control Center

Drug Information and Poison Control Center is a source of anthentic accurate unbiased and reliable source of information about drugs and poisons to health case perfessionals and common masses.


To provide independet, unbaised, authentic, accurate and objective drug informtion to assist health professionals in rational prescribing to optimize patient care.
To advise general public regarding safe. effective and economic use of medicines.


Services offered by the DIPCC at Department of Pharmacy, University of Peshawar
Choice of Therapy.
Medicine Dose.
Duration of Therapy.
Drug Identification.
Therapeutic Alternatives.
Drug Interactions & Their Management.
Drug Contraindicated in Pregnancy, During Lactation.
Dose Adjustment in Hepatic and Renal Impairment.
Drug Updates, Withdrawals, ADRs, Antibiotic Resistance, Novel Dosage Forms and Delivery Systems.
Information on Reconstitution, Dilution, Stabilities and Rate Calculations of Parenterals.
Mode of Drug Administration.
Special Drug Related Precautions/Warnings.
Poisoning Prevention Strategies.
Poison Management Information (Identification, Diagnostic Tests, Absorption Minimizing Techniques, Elimination Enhancement Techniques, Antidotes Availability and Administration).

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Directorate of Science and Technology(DOST) Government of khyber pakhtunkhwa
Under Project Tilted "Pilot Research Studies"

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